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Thank you for visiting HANJIN INDUSTRIES
HANJIN INDUSTRIESis a SOFT BAND, SR BAND, Kodali STRING Professional Manufacturer and Distributor.

Based on accumulated technology, long experience, and know-how, HANJIN INDUSTRIES is striving to become a company that satisfies customers with a mind that considers the customer's point of view.

By producing quality products, we will secure competitiveness, satisfy our customers, and grow further. We will do our best to repay the support of customers who visit HANJIN INDUSTRIES products.

Thank you.

Ceo Kang Seok Hyun


Company : HANJIN INDUSTRIES | CEO : Kang Seok Hyun
Address : 47-39, Jangjisan-ro 200beon-gil, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
Tel : 031-945-4592 | Fax : 031-967-2110
E-mail : hanjin1921@naver.com | Company Registration Number : 827-38-00349
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